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Marine brown algae (Giant Algae)e.g. Laminaria digitata, Laminaria hyperborean or Ascophyllum nodosum have torn from the sea bed of northern seas for the last 100 years. The algae is then collected on the beach and dried with electricity and other heat sources, then ground and processed into alginate.

The marine brown algae for our products are harvested with mowing boats – therefore the re-growth of the mother plant is guaranteed. Within 24 hours the algae is dried with Geo-thermic heat (constant heat) ground, and packed in paper sacks. This guarantees that the cell content of the algae will not be destroyed by overheating, or by decomposition. Therefore it keeps a constant quality. This is the precondition for the quality of our products.


Since the founding of our company in 1983 we have tried with special extraction methods and further treatment to expose the chemo-physical and biological characteristics of the substances in marine algae using biological means. Therefore by using our products the natural processes are not hindered and suppressed but supported and

The present result of these efforts is a number of highly effective products for soil, animals and plants. These products will always bring a simple, economical, ecological and valuable solutions when the solving of problems by traditional means are too expensive or even impossible.

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