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Garden and landscaping, building and renovation of sport fields
S 90



is one of our top product, who's efficiency was only belatedly discovered by science.
As marine algae is said to be the oldest plant we have tried to make the assumed genetic key effective for all land plants through special extraction and treatment methods. As a result all plants that have contact with bio-algeen S90 via leaves or roots react with a strongerformation of fine roots.




With bio-algeen Granulate you can optimise the fertility of all soils, prevent soil erosion or permanently stabilize eroded soil. bio-algeen Granulate is used in gardens and land scaping, used while planting new areas, tree stabilisation, re-cultivation, tired soil, embankments, and slope stabilisation, laying of grass sod in new projects and renovation of existing sport areas, golf courses as well as greening waste tips and dumps. Wherever the soil has lost it's original ability and need to be fertile and protected against erosion bio-algeen Granulate is a permanent help.

Liquid Concentrate



Is the dispersion of bio-algeen Granulate and is used when the characteristics of granulate are needed instantly. In accessible and newly built embankments, sub- soil, marl, or rock falls will be covered by using a hydro-seeder the applied mixture of Liquid Concentrate, water, fertiliser and seed. These embankments receive an instant protection against erosion with our product as an insoluble crumble structure is formed. Even heavy rainfall can't damage the treated soil.

THK - Stands for Ton – Humus – Complex (or Clay Humus Complex) (Page 7)



Sterile sands, with THK become fertile plant substrates,. water holding and buffer capacity as well as the activities of the micro-biology are decisively improved. With an additional amount of calcium and a proportionate amount of bio-algeen THK The permeability of the soil can be considerably reduced. This is very important e,g, for the covering of waste dumps.

Root Concentrate

Has been developed to prevent loss during transplanting. The Root Concentrate forms semi permeable membranes on the plant roots which start the osmosis, The highest ionic concentration is in the plan roots. After the plants have been treated with root concentrate they are forced to take water and there is no planting


powder or liquid

Is used for composting organic raw material. Treated compost heaps can be stacked up to 8m without any odour emission or drainage water. The process of composting is highly accelerated and produces spread able compost within a short time.

Spray Concentrate(page 8)

Hampers in plants the excess evaporation of water during very hot days without harming the cooling of the leaves. The product prevents the development of frost
drying in conifer trees during winter.

  further bio-algeen application range:



Agricultural plant production
Process and waste water cleaning

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