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Process and waste water cleaning

is a liquid product for the treatment of organically polluted waters in the food industry. Treated water remains bright. The sulphide precipitation, which brings the water to black color and starts to emit hydrogen sulphide and mercaptane will be totally prevented. In great basins stored black and smelly water is after treatment in the shortest possible time again clear and odourless.

K 20

brings and holds the biological balance in aerobic and anaerobic clarification processes. It compensates fluctuations in the composition of the waste water and allows a smooth and rapid biological degradation of the pollution load in the water, bio-algeen K 20 prevents the emergence of hydrogen sulphide (H¬ 2S) and other unpleasant smells. The electric potential of the produced flocs remove resolved and unresolved contaminants from the wastewater. By
the qualities of the culture medium bio-algeen K 20 will be bad working purification plants very quick regenerated.

  further bio-algeen application range:
Agricultural plant production
Garden and landscaping, building and renovation of sport fields

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